Dar Al Sulh (Domain of Conciliation)
May 1-May 7, 2013
Traffic, Dubai
In collaboration with Regine Basha and Dr. Ella Habiba Shohat


Dar Al Sulh, or Domain of Conciliation, is a territory where an agreement between Muslims and non-Muslims has been made and provides freedom of religion, autonomy, and protection. It is this agreement that applied to Jews in Iraq, and elsewhere in the Middle East.

Dar Al Sulh was a restaurant that operated from May 1-7, 2013 in Dubai, and was the first in the Arab World to serve the cuisine of Iraqi Jews since their exodus, which began in the 1940s as a result of riots and reprisals leading up to and after the establishment of the state of Israel. Today, it is believed less than ten members of the once 150,000-stong community remain in the entire country.