Test Ballot: Examining the Faulty Machinery of Democracy
2 November, 2004
Fifteen Votomatic voting machines from Palm Beach County FL, newly designed
butterfly ballot for the 2004 US Presidential Election, ballots, ballot boxes
Various sites throughout Europe


The following announcement appeared in various media throughout Europe and the world:

Mindful of the profound impact on the world that the office of the President of the United States holds; and in accordance with the Bush administration's stated desire to establish global democratic principles: The Global Community is invited to vote in the 2004 election of the President of the United States of America on the Second day of November, Two Thousand and Four. Fifteen of the controversial Votomatic voting machines used in the 2000 US Presidential Elections in Palm Beach County, Florida have been exported to various cities in Europe. Polling will begin at 13:00 on 2 November and will close at 3:00 on 3 November, in real time with official voting hours in the U.S.A.